Easy Christmas Recipes


Christmas is just around the corner!! If your house is anything like ours, you’re either hosting some friends or family, or going somewhere for Christmas lunch or dinner and you need to bring a dish.

Below are some great options for a kiwi summer Christmas lunch or dinner – they might seem a bit non-traditional or off the wall, but we’re here to help you make a good impression and stand out from the usual stuff!

Starters and Side Dishes

There is always a place for starters, small plates and side dishes at Christmas time – either as a snack to be passed around before the main event, or as a side dish to have with your classic ham or chicken. We’ve got one of each of our favourites this year.

Mini Stuffed Potatoes

These mini stuffed potatoes are delicious – they’re so easy to make, and will please even the fussiest of eaters. They do need an oven, so perhaps easier if you’re the one hosting, but the preparation could be done at home and finished off in the oven 15 minutes before its time to serve!

Mini Stuffed Potatoes Recipe

Curry Rice Salad

This might seem like a really different side dish – because it is! The advantage of this one is (assuming you’ve got some leftover rice) there is no cooking required and prep-time is minimal – perfect for those Christmas Day’s which turn out to be a massive rush! The ingredients for this one are customisable, so you can let your flare shine.

Curry Rice Salad Recipe

The Christmas Main Course

When most people think about Christmas Day main courses, they focus on the usual suspects, like ham, turkey, chicken and lamb. We won’t reinvent the wheel with those classics, but consider another favourite recipe of ours for the big dish.

Pork Belly

Easy Pork Belly

This pork belly recipe is super easy – it just has the classic flavour of pork belly so it can go nicely with the rest of Christmas lunch or dinner. Everyone loves crispy crackling and tender pork belly meat so its a sure fire winner.

Easy Pork Belly Recipe


What would Christmas be without a few desserts! There are so many you can do – and they often vary from family to family as everyone has their favourites – but the following two always say “Christmas” in our house.


This is a kiwi favourite – for a good reason. Its super easy to make – quick to prepare and a few hours in the fridge – and tastes delicious. Kids love ambrosia but adults do just as much!

Easy Ambrosia Recipe


Easy Trifle

A trifle with fresh fruit is a Christmas classic. We’ve seen a few versions over the years – some with jelly and some without – but this is one of the more traditional ones made with jam. The custard and the sponge together are a match made in heaven – enjoy!

Easy Trifle Recipe

Your Christmas Favourites

Got your own Christmas favourites? Let us know! Head over and Submit Your Recipe and we’ll include it if it looks the goods.

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